How To Steal Facebook Password?

How To Steal Facebook Password?


Hacking passwords of others are considered as an infringement on privacy of others and it should be seriously avoided. Here are a few popular methods of password hacking is explained and how you should protect your passwords from being stolen.

Use of keystroke logger

  • It is a type of surveillance tool  that can store and record keyboard activity  so that users can utilize them later  to access emails, passwords, other data and instant message. This tool is used by spouse, parents and employers detect cheating.
  • These are available in both software and hardware format. Software needs to be installed onto the computers that are targeted, whereas hardware can be externally attached in the cable connectors of computers.
  • There are several factors on which the system type will depend including whether the users are having access to the target computer or not. Some systems are so powerful that allows you to have access from a remote location
  • You can install these key loggers to hack the Facebook passwords of your children, spouse and friends. After installing have the target log fixed to the Facebook account and by this way you will not have the possibility of being caught by spyware.
  • There are some programs which are available and they are so resistant that even spyware tools can also not detect them.

Search computers

This is the other way by which you can steal passwords for Facebook. There is a possibility that a person might have stored login information for the popular site Facebook. There are people who store their passwords in word documents and passwords information or any other phrase or key. There are many people who use passwords readily so that they can easily remember their passwords.

These are the two ways by which you can have access to the others Facebook account.

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